Timeshare Fraud

Signs That You May Be a Victim of Timeshare Fraud!

Told your timeshare was a "great investment" that would increase its financial value

Told your timeshare could be easily rented to cover your purchase price, maintenance fees, or to make extra money

Told you must buy today because the price will be more tomorrow

Told you were attending an “Owners’ Update” meeting that was nothing more than a sales presentation in disguise

Told your timeshare can give you tax incentives or can easily be refinanced through your local bank

You were not told how long you had to cancel your timeshare purchase

Your “90 minute” presentation lasted 4 hours or more

Your Rights as a Consumer

Thank you for choosing Timeshare Terminations. We appreciate your confidence.
Timeshare Terminations will assist you during the process to release you of your Timeshare property. Timeshare Terminations provides document preparation services to assist consumers seeking to release themselves of future obligations related to Timeshare properties. Timeshare Terminations shall coordinate to secure a release from the Client Timeshare property. The final resolution of an exit typically occurs within 9 and 18 months from the date of this Agreement. In certain instances, this process can be delayed due to Resort delays and/or restrictions.

Client Engagement
Welcome to the Timeshare Terminations Legal Service Plan.  Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Upon enrollment we will provide a Client Package which will a questionnaire and materials needed to resolve your matter.  This package will assist us to understand all the relevant items pertinent to your matter. Following is a sample of items we may need to commence work on your matter.

Please provide the following:

  1. Client Questionnaire
  2. Copy of Deed/Membership Document(s)
  3. Latest Maintenance Fee Bill(s)
  4. Latest Mortgage Document(s) (if applicable)
  5. Any agreements/contracts with the Resort/Developer
  6. Any and all sales documentation received from the Timeshare Company
  7. Any other items you consider to be relevant to your matter

Designate a Plan Attorney
Once we receive this information you will be assigned a Plan Attorney, who will coordinate all aspects of your matter. Our team will review your Client Package and communicate with you at all stage to your matter.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding the process, please contact us immediately. We want to hear from you.