Satisfaction Commitment

TimeShare Terminations provides a satisfaction guarantee in the form of this Satisfaction Commitment. Company agrees that if Client does not obtain the Services within a reasonable amount of time, upon request from Client, Company shall refund the Service Fee Amount to Client. Client agrees the obligations of the Satisfaction Commitment are satisfied when TimeShare Terminations obtains an exit from the timeshare property. This Satisfaction Commitment is contingent upon: (a) all information provided to TimeShare Terminations by Client is true, accurate and complete, and (b) full cooperation by Client to timely respond to any request for information from TimeShare Terminations or the Resort.

This Commitment is void and unenforceable if Client (i) fails to fulfill his/her duties as described in Client Responsibilities within this Agreement, including if Client stops or delays the exit process, refuses to sign a procured exit offer, (ii) does not timely and completely respond to requests by TimeShare Terminations, or (iii) fails to disclose a mortgage or other lien encumbrance on Clients timeshare property.

Our goal is Complete Customer Satisfaction. If Client is less than completely satisfied with the Services provided pursuant to this Agreement, Client should contact TimeShare Terminations immediately, and We will work with Client to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties.


The Company’s cancellation policy is designed to exceed state law requirements (for the Client’s protection) and be easy to understand. Either party may terminate this Agreement in writing, such termination is effective when received by the discharged party.

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied at any time prior to midnight of the fifth (5th) business day after the date of signing this Agreement simply send a letter, email or facsimile to the Company terminating this Agreement and requesting a refund.